Keynote :
Distributed Embedded Intelligence ​for a Sustainable Industrial Society​


About the Event

12:00-13:30pm (GMT+1)
Wednesday 17th March
AI will have an enormous impact on our current Industrial society, that is a fact. We are however still at the front door of this emergent technology. The perception that AI is a magic tool that everyone can use as an of the shelve product is a huge but existing misconception. On the one side there are still many open fundamental issues in precision, quality, resource consumption, explainability, … and on the other side there is a huge gap between techniques and a sustainable implementation in a specific application domain. In this talk we will present the IDLab vision on tackling both problems. We will talk about open fundamental issues in relational and causal learning, in explanatory AI, in distributed AI and resource aware AI. And we will show how we translate pains from our Industrial society into sustainable AI based solutions taking into account the importance of domain specific knowledge and pitfalls like the sim to real gap. 


12:05 : Introduction IDLab (Peter Hellinckx)
12:15 : Advanced AI: Relational Learning/Causal Learning/Explanatory AI (Tom De Schepper)
12:35 : AI systems:Resource aware AI/ distributed AI/ Neuro Inspired AI (Werner Van Leekwijck)
13:25 : Applications: Control applications + wireless applications (Siegfried Mercelis)
13:15 : The road to industry (Christiaan Leysen)
13:25 : Questions 5 min

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Peter Hellinckx

Peter Hellinckx is a professor at IDLab, an imec research team at the University of Antwerp. At IDLab in Antwerp he is the head of the AI team ( 3 professors/+50 researchers). He obtained his Master in Computer Science and his Ph.D. in Science both from the University of Antwerp in 2002 and 2008 respectively. Peter is the head of the department of Electronics-ICT and initiated the postgraduate in Internet of Things. He currently supervises 17 PhD’s, 4 post-docs and a development team in the field of distributed artificial intelligence. He is currently teaching third year bachelor courses advanced programming techniques, Artificial Intelligence and distributed systems and the master courses IoT Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Computer Graphics. Peter is co-founder of the spin-offs Hysopt, Hi10 and Digitrans. His research focuses on Distributed Artificial Intelligence for IoT and Cyber Physical Systems with as main application domains: autonomous driving/shipping, logistics, mobility, Industry 4.0 and smart cities. In this field, he is a reviewer in many scientific project evaluation commissions, both on a national and an international level.



Werner Van Leekwijck

Senior researcher Neuromorphic Computing

Tom De Schepper

Senior researcher Relational & Human-like Learning

Siegfried Mercelis

Senior researcher Intelligent Control Systems

Christiaan Leysen

Research Valorization Director

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